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[ 19th January 2006|05:05pm ]

StrayCats seems to be down at the moment.
i will be contacting the webhost to see what's going on.
sorry about the inconvenience, kittens...

they're changing the servers. that's all. :)
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Online Shop [ 7th December 2005|12:19am ]

[ mood | cheerful ]

long time no see... last night i took the time to set up a StrayCats Online Shop. :)
so if you're looking to buy ridiculously skinny elven fembois for christmas, come right this way:

StrayCats Online Shop!

more products will be added over the next few days. any specific request, justg give me a shout and i'll see what i can do about it.

oh, and the next major update on the SC website will be in January. sorry for the long wait, kittens. :( Livvy has been teh busy!

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Rapid Eye Movement [ 30th September 2005|11:48pm ]

my new pet project Rapid Eye Movement.
it's a collection of short comics on the theme of dreams and death.
updated once a week. mature themes, femboi sex, butterflies, prettiness and utterly pointless plots.

Rapid Eye Movement

...damn, do i hate Keenspace!
really, it confuses the hell outta me.
if anyone is Keenspace savvy and would like to help me out with the layout...i'd totally have your children. or at least give you love, cookies and all that jazz.
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it's alive! (sort of) [ 27th August 2005|05:23pm ]

[ mood | rushed ]

well well...bet you all thought i forgot all about this, huh?
heh, i pretty much did untill i found some unfinished pages the other day. so yesterday at school i got the chance to ink them and all. 3 new pages...and story goes ever on...
ph3Ar my horrible screentone abuse!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Read more...Collapse )

got some more icons coming up soon too. oh, and the website might be down sometime in the coming week. i'm changing host. that is all. :)

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website help [ 14th May 2005|07:12pm ]

i have a favour to ask you guys...could you please go to the website and check if the comic 'Inside the Golden Cage' is working for you??

i've been getting notices that the pages aren't showing. but i've checked on 3 different computers and it's working just fine for me. so now i suspect that this problem is only for Mac users.
much appreciated if you could help me out. <3
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[ 24th April 2005|11:24am ]

ok, here's the deal:

i'm a goddamn LOSER who fell asleep while sketching in bed. :'D

even without falling asleep i wouldn't have been able to make the 24 pages within the time limit. had i gone without the toning it might have worked. but alas, i started out all pretentious and that's the road i walked...thank you ever so much for all the cheering and comments! you guys ROCK! <3 <3

i've decided to finnish the story anyway, how could i not? don't know how long it will take me since i have to concentrate on work for a while now. there's a couple of more pages coming later today though, just gotta finnish up the tones for them.

and now, coffee & work!
love ya, kittens!
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24 hour StrayCats - page 6-10 [ 23rd April 2005|12:48pm ]

[ mood | determined ]

(see previous post for pages 1-5)

8 pages.... i need sleep. @_@

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

...more pagesCollapse )

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24 hour StrayCats - page 1-5 [ 23rd April 2005|02:46am ]

[ mood | chipper ]

hehe, 5 first pages done.
19 more on the road to hell....still no name for the comic, but i'm sure i'll come up with something during the night. this is Seb's story.

and did i mention i'll be out of cigarettes in a couple of hours...? hell it is. very much so. >_<
moving on.

i'll be posting the pages in posts of 5. don't wanna clutter up your friends page! XD

...5 pages!Collapse )

feedback much appreciated!

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24 hours of StrayCats [ 23rd April 2005|12:14am ]

commencing countdown...
...engines on.

i'm about to start my 24-hour comic.
so you better stick around. or i'll cry and act all girlie on ya.
and give me suggestions for a good soundtrack...music and coffee is the kick ass inspiration we all need.
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update! [ 2nd April 2005|03:42pm ]

yes, the website is updated. o_O
i just didn't know about it!

new comic pages (dollhouse arc), illustrations and links. please keep
an eye on the LJ community though. there's no telling when the next
regular website update will be.
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welcome [ 1st April 2005|02:21pm ]

hello, kittens!
welcome to xstraycatsx
this is where you'll find news and updates about the project. feel free to post questions, suggestions or whatever may be your cup of kitten-tea. :) and...have fun?
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